About Us

Back to late 2013, that we started cycling. Cycling was not something new at that time, but it was new for us who seek for doing something distracted us out from all the busy days.

We were happy to ride our own way, with a small group of friends. 

We started to do our first collection, just to enjoy the ride and hang around together. That was it, simply started.

Today, we still hold to the principle to make our customer happy. Cycling is one of many things that you can do to satisfy yourself, to enjoy the moment you are on saddle and we want to be a part of that. 

We believe in quality, thus, it’s QED, is the quality that customers have to prove by themselves.

We have proved that our products have been improved continuously, Together with design and performance that are not compromised.

Today, QED is said to be international brand, our originality is from the passion and friendship we have with others. We are keeping on doing our job, providing and being a part of what makes cyclist happier on bike. 

Ride your own way, ride your style, join #qedride.  


Email: qed.bikes@gmail.com

whatsapp: +66(0)919916156

Address: 30 Keha-romklao, Saphansung, Saphansung, Bangkok, Thailand. 10240

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