Q.E.D - The Story

Q.E.D is an abbreviation of “quod erat demonstrandum”a latin phrase meaning “which has to be demonstrated”. We had a firm believe in the theory that before you believe in some particular things or ideas, it must at least be proven or demonstrated to be true.

We believed that, in order for the product to be a real gem, it must be demonstrated through the product itself, not a marketing proclamation or a glowing review from someone. The products must be test, try, and proven by each of our individual customers to be true.

And that, is the value we uphold. And that, is Q.E.D

The Signature

Q.E.D signature lies in our unique design and xxx. We adore the Tour de France of the 50s and 60s, when riders rode a simple mechanic bike, in a minimalistic style jersey. A jersey with no frills, and not bombast with logos and sponsors, it represents the true identity of a cyclist, when they ride with their own will and driven with a shear determination for personal fame and glory.

We treasure that belief, and it reflects onto our work. Our design is a blend of functional, high-tech fabrics, with a retro styling. We work with meticulous cutting, fabric dyeing, and fabric seaming. We also choose to incorporate conventional style of jersey production in the 60s in our work such as knit-type collar and sleeve, classic zipper style, and with minimum use of fabric printing or sublimation.

The Future

In a short term, the integration of geometric and trigonometric form into our future work. After all, Q.E.D is related to mathematics and shapes. Moreover, if written in Greek, will be presented as ΟΕΔ. Circles, Triangles, and other geometric patterns will be both subtlety and symbolically presented in our future work.

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